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Hello and welcome to Bernhard's Austrian Cooking, the website about Austrian food and Austrian Cuisine by Vienna chef Bernhard.

Learn how to cook Austrian food, detailed descriptions of Austrian recipes.  This website is made for all people in cyberland who want to learn about Austrian cuisine, Austrian cooking and the Austrian way; what do Austrians eat, dishes that you will meet on the menu of Austrian restaurants and many more mainly traditional food recipes.

Austrian food - Austrian recipes

Not always about cooking only, but also about learning how we live, what we are and do. Find an authentic, richly commented Goulash recipe, the famous Wiener Schnitzel, recipes for apple strudel, plum dumplings, Tafelspitz, bread dumplings, stuffed cabbage rolls and many more recipes. Austrian dishes vary from region to region, one might say they vary from kitchen to kitchen. You can also find a comprehensive calculator and converter for common cooking measurements, weight, distance and temperature.

An expanding collection of authentic traditional Austrian recipes. I cook each recipe myself, shoot pictures (of many but not all recipes) of each step, and describe clearly how to cook these real traditional authentic Austrian recipes. Keep coming back. This is a gastronomic labor of love--in progress.

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Beef roast Frankfurter
Potato bread spread
Chicken in Austria
Powidl - what is it?
Strudel types
Bread soup
Austrian food

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Hello, my name is Bernhard and I am cooking Austrian
  by Bernhard Baumgartner  
 Latest recipes
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Beef roast Frankfurter
Potato bread spread
Bread soup
Sacher Torte
Beef rolls
Cold chives sauce
Liptauer cheese
Sweet yeast dough
Mohn Strudel
Topfen Strudel
Reis Fleisch
Vanilla crescents
Mulled wine
Austrian Coffees
Sour cream soup
Potato soup
Potato gratin
November salad
Szeged goulash
Cabbage soup
Plum tart
Zucchini cake
Onion rings

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Chicken in Austrian recipes
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Cabbage in Austrian cooking



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Braised red cabbage

Bread dumplings

Potato salad

Topfen Strudel

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Wiener Schnitzel

Plum dumplings

Apple Strudel

The latest buzz ...

Beef roast with a sausage and a bread spread made of potatoes

Two additions today, a recipe for a beef roast where a Frankfurter sausage is interlarded before cooking Beef roast Frankfurter and a recipe for one of my favorite bread spreads which is made of potatoes Potato bread spread - Erdapfelkas.

- in Austrian recipes

I just realized that there is not a single chicken recipe posted to my site nor am I mentioning chicken recipes in any of my articles, well until now... Chicken in Austrian recipes

- and the eldertree

In Austria we have this dish, Krenfleisch. It is boiled pork with horseradish. Kren is horseradish and Fleisch is meat in German. Recipe for Krenfleisch

We make drinks out of elderberry and also with elderflower, the blossoms from eldertree. In Austria elder is Holler or Holunder and in the old days men would salute the eldertree. Then elder was known and used as in-house pharmacy. Elder is Holler in Austria

- strudels generally and Powidl

Another strudel recipe, this time one that goes into a broth. A typical Austrian soup garnish that uses leftovers from roasts or boiled beef: Recipe for Fleischstrudel

Strudels generally, sweet and savoury could be one of Austria's official state pastries, actually you could make a strudel of almost everything Strudels of all types

There is an ingredient in Austrian recipes that hails from the Czech cuisine, made of plums it goes into such delicacies like yeast dumplings, plum pofesen ... Powidl - what is it?

- and a guide for travelers

One of the best things about traveling is trying out the foods in the country that you visit and Austria is no exception. The cuisine of Austria has been influenced by a number of diverse cultures which makes for an interesting range of dishes. A Travelers Guide to Austrian Food

This breadsoup recipe is made by letting clear soup cook with stale white bread until bread has been absorbed completely by the soup, then whisked eggs are stired into the softly boiling soup. Breadsoup Panadlsuppe Recipe

- 2 views and a recipe

The Sachertorte has just celebrated a jubilee and at 175 years old it would have to be one of the oldest chocolate cake recipes still generating a massive following both in Austria and around the world. This beautiful Austrian chocolate cake is part of Austria's culinary tradition and a cultural trademark in the world of cooking. The Sachertorte

To be honest, it is not so special in the first place. If you don't serve it with whipped cream it is too dry in my opinion. I guess the marketing is just brilliant, Sacher Torte is suitable for being sent all over the world, wouldn't be if it was a Dobosz- or a Cream Torte. Sacher Torte or not

Candidly I have to say, there is no such recipe available except for the pastry chefs of Sacher's itself. This recipe is a chocolate cake that is as close to original Sacher Torte as I could get, from my knowledge as a chef and as a cake lover. I spared no effort and even went to Cafe Sacher to test it myself and to compare. Sachertorte Recipe

Doughs and batters

Strudeldough, cookie dough, which is called Muerbteig in German, yeast dough, potato dough, pasta dough, topfen (fresh cheese) dough. Just some of the many doughs used in Austrian recipes. Some need resting before being transformed into countless delicious Austrian dishes, some should be used and baked or cooked immediately.

Mostly flour is the main ingredient but also Topfen, Austria´s fresh cheese and potatoes are good for a great dough for dumplings, noodles or stuffed little dough pockets.

Read more about doughs and batters.

Beef rolls recipe

beef rolls

Beef rolls are Rindsrouladen in Austria. Beef schnitzels are stuffed with carrot, gherkin and bacon, rolled up fried and then cooked in a roots red wine sauce.

Seldom one can find this dish in an Austrian restaurant or pub. It is an absolute homecooking dish, beef rolls with red wine sauce.

I haven´t updated this website for some time and thought I had to come up with a specialty, here it is: beef rolls recipe.

Roast pork recipe


A roast pork is one of my favorites, and according to my website statistics it is my readers second favorite recipe here, after cabbage rolls. Roast pork recipe or pork roast recipe , what is the right way to say it? Maybe one of you will let me know.

By the way, the cooking time for pork roast is of course depending on the weight of the roast pork and then again depending on the temperature. I would say, with an approx. temperature of 175C/347F, the cooking time for pork roast is around 45 minutes per pound of pork.

A roast pork (German: Schweinebraten) is traditionally served with dumplings, either bread or potato dumplings. But now, here is my roast pork recipe.

Cabbage rolls


Cabbage rolls are cooked and stuffed (with ground meat) cabbage leaves. The leaves of a green cabbage are being stuffed with the seasoned ground meat and then cooked in a tomato sauce. Cabbage rolls are real Austrian homecooking.

The cabbage rolls are so delicious and at the same time so inexpensive, a real staple. Come on now, meet my cabbage rolls recipe.